Boost Your Resume With Volunteering Work

Boost Your Resume With Volunteering Work

Have you completed your graduation? Are you on your way to post your C.V. on an online portal? In this competitive world, getting a job is a tough thing. You have to be the best in your field. Resumes are flooded with extra-curricular activities, internships and last but not the least, work experience. However, most of us miss mentioning involvement in volunteering activities in our resumes. Be a part of volunteer work overseas and get an edge over your competitors at the job front.

Mentioning volunteering activities can bring you the much-needed attention from recruiters because of the following reasons.

Displays leadership skills

It does not matter whether you are a teacher at a local school or a helping hand at a nursing home. What is important here is that you have the ability to take the initiative and change things from their existing state. A volunteer indulges herself in various activities starting from nursing the sick, teaching, and helping in building community, etc. volunteer work in singapore These are real life experiences that prepare you for the future. They represent your leadership skills.

Shows independent nature

Nothing can be more gratifying than travelling to another part of the world and participating in developing it. You are not answerable to anyone and no one governs your activities. Whatever you do, you do all by yourself. This shows that you do not need to wait for someone’s orders. It is not the just the act of volunteering, but the very effort to come out of your comfort zone that makes you independent. Landing on an unknown land where you cannot even communicate properly, and staying there for months is indeed a challenge. Sometimes, you might be accompanied by fellow volunteers. But, at other times, you might have to go ahead alone. In such circumstances, you have to plan your activities and see to it that the people you are helping do not face any problem because of your decision.

Builds cultural awareness

Every country has its own set of cultures and customs. If you are volunteering abroad, you have to be flexible enough to embrace the cultures of another country. But, volunteering teaches people how to see things from a different perspective. There are several things you are not aware of. When you come in contact with people from a different cultural background, you get to learn more about that culture.

Enhances team building capacity

It is your role as a volunteer that instills and enhances your capability to build and maintain a team. As a volunteer you will not be working solo. You will work with people in the community to reach a common goal. Other volunteers in your groups may come from diverse culture. You have to stay together with them and cooperate, so that you can attain your objective of helping the people. Team building is an important quality because it shows how effectively you can work with people from all walks of life.

Improves communications skills

If you just write on the C.V. that you have good communication skills, it is not enough. Your interviewer will ask proof for it. Your experience as a volunteer is a proof enough that you have good communication skills. You will be encouraged to learn a new language and this way, your capacity to communicate with strangers will increase.


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